Making Sense of Rejection

by Kelly Kirksey

April 19, 2017


I am currently in a Bible Study called “Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely” by Lysa TerKuerst. I have to say before I get too far into this, that this is a book I highly recommend. No matter where you are in life, we’ve all dealt with some sort of rejection and this book is perfect to help you see through the eyes of God rather than our human eyes. 

That said, I’m definitely going through the book dealing with some past rejection and how it directly affects my business even as I sit here and type. Every time I get an inquiry and am not chosen is a chance to hit that rejection button. When you see a client that has used you before go to someone else, that button is pushed even harder. It’s hard to have a business when you constantly deal with rejection. I am sure I’m the only one who has dealt with those feelings (insert sarcastic tone here). 

I’ve kind of talked about some of the things that happened to me growing up and how it’s affected me. It’s amazing how much those formative years really to impact you for the rest of your life. 

Today my 4th magazine cover for 406 Woman Magazine came out. I’ve been in countless blogs, magazines, contests and am scattered in hundreds of homes in Montana and around the US. But I still remember the fragile 16-year-old that was told she couldn’t be on the yearbook staff because she wouldn’t work well with other people. Almost 20 years later and I am still trying to prove myself. 

But today I was reminded with that cover that I am enough. I have nothing to prove. I’ve done it. The rejection happened. It happened over years and years, but I’ve spent the last 10 years being empowered by it. I learned from it. Now I am spending time healing from it. 

Rejection wasn’t the end of my story because I chose it not to be.
I grew. I pushed. I’ll heal. I’ll be better. 

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