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You probably didn't know you needed a bride tribe other than your wedding party right? But here we are! Your photography team ready to serve you and give you the best day imaginable. We do apologize for the amount of dad jokes that comes out of Gavin's mouth. We're working on that ;)

Meet Gavin! He's Kelly's #1 go to guy. When he's not second shooting with Kelly, he's at his own wedding rocking the Kelly K brand!  He's also the reason that we now offer videography! That's right, he's the video guy now too! He moved from Seattle, in August of 2019 just after he and his amazing wife Alex were married right here in Montana.  They loved it so much they decided to make Montana their home. Kelly actually was their wedding photographer and had so much fun at his wedding, he decided to bug Kelly until she gave him something to do. He started assisting until Kelly found out he had mad photography skills and put him to work!
When Gavin is not photographing weddings, he loves doing high fashion styled shoots and playing with as much real film as he can. He's always got a new film to try #filmisnotdead.  Creating beautiful images of amazing people is his true passion. Annoying Kelly and the rest of the team with endless useless facts and knowledge of most instruction manuals (because he reads them all.) is purely a hobby.  
Gavin has a natural gift of making people super comfortable in front of the camera and will do almost anything to get "the shot". Just don't ask him to ruin his favorite white shoes. Some lines can't be crossed.
Beyond photography, Gavin and Alex have a new baby that is the absolute cutest and the joy of their lives. When they do have some free time, he and his wife love going to concerts and impomptu ice cream dates at Sweet Peaks. Gavin likes mountain biking, critiquing new foods and has been known for binging on some Netflix/Prime shows whenever he has some free time. His dad jokes are pretty sick too!

Kelly is the lead photographer, head honcho, the Kelly in the business name and wrangler of the rest of the team when they let her.  She started the business in 2006 when she got a fancy camera that she had NO idea how to use. Her friend saw the fancy camera and hired her for her first wedding. Not knowing how to even change a lens, Kelly shot her first wedding just 2 months after getting her first DSLR. Although she had no idea what she was doing, she fell in love with weddings and more than that, the relationships she made through photography. She's even been on a few honeymoons with couples that decide they want company. See the other team members? Kelly met Angela and Gavin photographing their wedding and Mari was one of the first families she started photographing in the valley. 
When she's not taking pictures, editing pictures or dreaming of pictures she likes to pretend she's a professional chef. She has 3 feral children and one mostly broken in husband. They go to Disneyland a couple times a year to feed their growing addiction to the Mouse and once contemplated changing their last name to Disney (true story). 
More than anything Kelly loves serving her clients until they become family. This isn't a job for her, it's truly part of her DNA. Once you have Kelly photograph you, you're in the family. You can take that as a warning or just an exciting fact. You'll get to decide ;) 

This is Angela. When Gavin is busy showing off his mad video skills, Angela steps in as the second photographer. She is usually seen wrangling the groom squad on a wedding day. Her service to our country through the US Navy prepared her for even the most rowdy gentlemen. She can definitely hang even when the jokes become a little questionable ;) She started doing photography when she needed a reason to spend time with her friend Kelly that she never saw during the summer. So she literally taught herself photography and dove right in. It helps that she's the most intelligent person that Kelly knows, Angela is often the go to for anything that requires higher level thinking. She's got three grown kiddos. Yes, she started her family a little early, but she and her husband David are enjoying their empty nest phase. When she's not hanging out with Kelly at Disneyland, you can find her several feet under the water scuba diving or out in the wilderness with her husband on their ATV. They are always up for an adventure.
You'll definitely enjoy hanging out with Angela and she's been known to cut a rug on the dance floor too. 

A little behind the scenes fun from our friend Nikki at Keep Candid! Make sure you check her out for your event!

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