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Meet Kelly

There are several things I want you to know...

You may be asking yourself, why does my photographer want me to know about her? Isn't this about us? And the answer is absolutely! 


You'll spend most of your day with your new spouse and your photographer. It's important that we connect so that on picture day everything goes smooth and we have the best possible experience together. It's a team effort! 

So here's a list of facts for you...
Number 1.
I'm a Disney Nerd. If you're reading this and you're a Disney nut like I am, then I have to be your photographer. You really can just stop here, and contact me right now. We are right for each other. ;) 

Number 2.  If you are not a Disney fan, we can still work together because I firmly believe I can and will convert you. 

Number 3.  I am addicted to wedding photography. There's nothing else I'd rather be doing. I love serving my couples and making them top priority in my life. And it rings true for my whole life. We may invite you over for dinner with our 3 feral children.
Their names are "Birth" "Con" "Trol".
Ha just kidding(kinda), Noah, Abigail and Lucy will keep you on your toes. 

Number 4. Did I mention i'm a Disney addict. i seriously wear mickey ears when i edit sometimes. every vacation we take is Disney related.  
if you love Disney, we are mean't to be. Stop trying to hold it back and let go just around the river bend together. 

Number 5. I'm a foodie. Seriously I will hound you to get a good caterer. I once had a caterer serve me burned vegetarian lasagna. I am not sure he ever worked in the valley I'm kidding....Kinda.
But seriously, have good cake ;) 

Number 6. I LOVE to travel and be around other cultures I grew up in A TINY town. Google it, Lake Providence, LA. There's so much interesting stuff about that town. Some will you cringe, some will make you smile, and some will flat out may you wonder how the heck I I got the heck out of dodge. When I left I fell in love with people from Japan, India, England, Korea, etc. One of my biggest dreams is to photograph an Indian wedding!

Number 7. Sarcasm is a love language, I don't care who says it's not. i am very rarely serious and often say the wrong thing at the wrong time. i laugh inappropriately often. 

Number 8. Making people laugh is my favorite. 

Number 9. Giving you photos that will make you cry is my hope!

Number 10. Giving you the best experience possible is my promise. 

"After seeing Kelly's website and surfing through her social media channels, we knew that Kelly Kirksey was the right person to take our wedding photos.
Planning the wedding from Tennessee would have been a challenge if it had not been for Kelly. She was the very first vendor we hired, and from there -- everything was a piece of cake. She offered us a list of vendor recommendations, all of whom we hired on the spot without more than an introductory phone call. And every single vendor she recommended (e.g. catering, wedding planner, DJ, hair stylist) was AMAZING and instrumental in making our big day everything we could have dreamed it could be and more. We literally had the dream team and barely had to lift a finger, and we have Kelly to thank for that.
During our first face-to-face meeting over breakfast, Kelly helped us lay out the timeline for our wedding day, and offered us insight and advice for things we would have never thought of if she hadn't brought it up. Her experience in the industry was incredibly helpful and our big day was absolutely perfect thanks to her expertise.
Kelly is composed, knowledgeable, detail oriented and incredibly talented. She even knows how to politely address guests who might get in the way or not listen….. not that we had any of those. ;-)
Our wedding photos turned out incredible. Kelly is a true professional who knows what she's doing. My now-husband hates having his picture taken, but she knew exactly what to do and say to get the perfect picture… and now we have the most beautiful memories frozen in time that we get to reflect on and share for the rest of our lives. My sincerest gratitude to you, Kelly, for all that you have done for us... I can't thank you enough!"

Kelsey and Clark

"Where do I even begin?!?! I was an out of state bride trying to plan the perfect elopement in a gorgeous destination I’ve never been to. Everything I needed to plan and research had to be done online which required me to rely on reading the reviews of previous clients of every vendor I needed to book for our destination elopement in the mountains of Glacier National Park. I just happened to come upon Kelly’s photography page and instantly loved her work! The lighting, poses, attention to detail, I loved it all! She had great reviews from her previous clients so I decided to book! From my very first message, Kelly was very responsive, enthusiastic, and provided all of the information I needed and even gave suggestions for things I hadn’t even thought of! I had to plan my entire elopement in only 3 short months! All of the vendors I had looked at were either already booked for my date or never responded to my inquiries. I let Kelly know and she was instantly providing me with a list of vendor recommendations that she has previously worked with and said I would love them. I booked every single vendor (catering, cake, flowers, hair & makeup) only because Kelly recommended them. Everyone that she recommended was amazing and made our big day go by so smoothly! Now - back to Kelly! This woman is truly one of a kind! She CARES about her clients in ways that most people just don’t. She went above and beyond for us in every sense of the imagination! Kelly wasn’t just our elopement photographer. She was literally our event coordinator! From working closely with our videographers to plan out the whole day, offering to pick up my bouquet from the florist on her way to the salon where I was getting hair & makeup done, making sure we stopped to get something for me to eat when she learned I hadn’t eaten anything for lunch, helping me figure out my bra cups and double sided tape 🤣 and even spraying my under arms with deodorant because the straps on my dress wouldn’t let me reach it myself 🤣 Kelly is everything you would ever want out of your photographer and more! I could go on and on about everything she did for us but it would end up being a novel! 🤣 Do yourself a favor and book your wedding, elopement, or family pictures! You won’t regret it! I am forever grateful to her for capturing such a memorable event for my now husband and I! Thank you Kelly! We love and appreciate you so much!!!! ❤️📷🏔💍💐"

Bree and Frank

"This is a long read, but for someone that is so talented (Kelly) I didn't want to exclude any of my comments. Long story short, book Kelly! You will be SO happy!!

I was interested in booking Kelly for our engagement and wedding photographer after visiting her website and watching the testimonial videos. Hearing the brides talk about how much fun they had and how comfortable Kelly made them feel was the "hook and line". The "sinker" was how quickly Kelly responded to my inquiry and how she wanted to arrange a time for us to meet in person. We lived in Bozeman at the time, so we skyped. The skype session was a great way to quickly get to know Kelly and ask questions. We are so extremely thankful we chose Kelly. Prior to my confirmation of hiring her she reached out to my top venue option to put a good word in for me. Upon hiring her, she continued to offer help and answer questions whenever I had them.

I was so nervous for the engagement session because I felt I wasn't very photogenic, but Kelly made us feel comfortable and got us laughing and it was truly fun! AND we loved the pictures!

She walked through making a timeline with us, which was incredibly detailed and helpful for the day of and to provide to other vendors. The week leading up to the wedding, Kelly was supportive and willing to help in ANY way. I had forgotten about flower girl flowers and she offered to de-stem and pull petals off roses for me, which I wouldn't let her do, but she still came up with another solution that worked out perfect! Great example of her dedication to make our day extremely special."

The day of, she was one of many that made me feel like the most beautiful bride. She was patient, efficient and very fun. Her second photographer, Angela, and assistant, Gavin, were very professional, helpful, and fun to work with. We received so many compliments from guests and family members about this amazing team!

Oh and the pictures! Don't even have words for how happy our whole day was captured! I will be forever grateful for the memories that Kelly captured! So happy with our choice! Please reach out if you have questions or want more info on this amazing photographer!

Tiffany and McKinley



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